vase Herakles Nessus Deianeira
Greek 102 :  Drama and Society
Course Catalog No: 25810
Mark Griffith
2:00 - 3:00

This course is intended for students who have taken both Greek 100 and 101, or the Greek Summer Workshop.  We will read Sophocles' Trachiniai (The Women of Trachis -- sometimes known as Herakles and Deianira) right through in Greek, starting around 20 lines per session and building up to about 50.  This will allow us to cover the whole play as well as a few additional brief texts (in Greek), and to explore some further readings in English.

  While our primary focus will be the accurate translation and understanding of the text, we will also be concerned with Greek tragedy as a cultural form and with the social and cultural context of classical Athens that produced this play.