Plato & Socrates
Greek 123 :  Plato on Poetry
Course Catalog No: 31016
G.R.F. (John) Ferrari
9:30 - 11:00

In this course we will consider the accounts of poetry (or, more generally, of literature) found in Plato's Ion and in portions of Republic Books 2-3 and Book 10.  Specifically, we will read in ancient Greek (not in English translation!) the texts collected and edited by Penelope Murray in her Plato On Poetry (Cambridge 1996).  These texts, particularly those from the Republic, have been hugely influential on the subsequent course of Western thinking about literature.

Prerequisites:  Knowledge of Ancient Greek, with at least one year of course experience in the language (either Greek 1 and Greek 2, or Greek 10, or Greek 15) and preferably 3 semesters of experience (to include Greek 100)

Requirements: regular participation in class; one midterm; one four-page term-paper; final exam.