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Latin 1 :  Elementary Latin - 001
Course Catalog No: 22565
Claire Healy

Latin 1 is the first half of a two-semester language sequence in which students will learn to read and translate Classical Latin. The course focuses on the dialect of Latin used by classical authors like Caesar, Cicero, Vergil, and Ovid. However, students will also have success going on to read later texts such as the works of Augustine, the Latin translations of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, the works of Isaac Newton, and even the Latin translation of Harry Potter.  Moreover, while this is not a Greek/Latin roots course, studying Latin will give students access to Latin terms and phrases used in law and bio-scientific disciplines. So if you want to learn to read the language that Caesar used to address the senate, that the Sibyl used to instruct Aeneas in his descent into the underworld, and that Petronius used to write one of the first novels, this course is the first step in gaining the skills you need to do so.