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Classics 220A :  Greek and Latin Epigraphy
Course Catalog No: 30348
Nikolaos Papazarkadas

In this course, we will study aspects of Greek Epigraphy from the 8th century BCE to the Roman Imperial period. We will discuss amongst others: the origin of the Greek alphabet; epichoric scripts; using epigraphical bibliographies and preparing epigraphical publications; making and reading squeezes; dating inscribed texts; using inscriptions to study literature, history, dialects, religion, economics, politics, etc. Students will be required to give a short presentation of an inscription written in an epichoric script; to present a longer inscription and prepare the edition of the text in question; and read critically a recent epigraphic article and compose an SEG lemma that will be published in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum LXVII (2017) in 2021. Access will be provided to the collection of digitized photos, squeezes and drawings of the Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Inscriptions.