Pompeii actors mosaic
Classics 10B :  Introduction to Roman Civilization
Course Catalog No: 12006
offered remotely
MTuWThF Session D
Lauren Miller
hours TBD

Who are the Romans? How has their culture impacted our world today? This course will delve into the literature and history of ancient Rome, as well as its contemporary reception, keeping in mind the disciplinary issues involved in studying a culture far removed in space and time. In answering these questions, we will rely on our own evaluations of ancient material culture and close analysis of Roman texts, including Plautus' comedies, Cicero's writings on the Republic, Vergil's epic Aeneid, and Apuleius' fantastical novel The Golden Ass. All readings from Latin sources will be in translation.

Meets L&S Breadth in Arts & Literature, Historical Studies, or Philosophy & Values