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Classics N28 :  The Classic Myths
Course Catalog No: 12008
offered remotely
MTuWTh Session D
Yasmin Syed

In this course we will explore the stories the ancient Greeks told about their gods and heroes. Discover a world of beautiful gods and goddesses, terrifying monsters, extraordinary people performing extraordinary feats of strength and intellect, adventure, war, sex and a great deal of family dysfunction. We will encounter these figures and themes in Greek (and Roman) literary works such tragedy and epic poetry. Our focus will be on the tellings of Greek myths in ancient literature, but we will also look at the pervasive influence of Greek myth on later literary and artistic traditions. In the course of our reading we will discover how the Greeks shaped their myths in ways that tells us much about their culture, their beliefs, values, interests, ideals, and customs. All readings will be in English translation. No prior experience in Classics is required. There will be a midterm and a final.

Fulfills L&S Breadth in Arts & Literature or Philosophy & Values.