Announcing Our New Department Name

In January of 2020 the faculty of Classics voted to change the name of our department. As of August 2021, we will be the Department of Ancient Greek & Roman Studies (AGRS).

We believe our new name communicates more clearly and unambiguously what it is that we study and teach, and we hope it will make our department more visible and accessible to the UC Berkeley community and the world beyond. 

Featured Courses

Summer 2021
Ryan Reynolds

How should a citizen react to injustice? To violence? corruption? What impact do problems like imperialism, poverty, slavery, and intolerance have on a society, and can they ever be escaped?  These are some of the questions raised by ancient Roman authors two millennia ago.  Class format:  mixture of synchronous and asynchronous lectures, discussion, and writing assignments.  Meets L&S Breadth in Arts & Literature, Historical Studies, or Philosophy & Values.  CCN 13506

Summer 2021
Christopher Jelen

Since its founding over forty years ago, the Intensive Greek Workshop has successfully guided thousands of students to proficiency in Ancient Greek.  The Workshop will be offered remotely once again in Summer 2021.  Complete information here; program overview here.  10 units; CCN 10593



If you missed the recent premiere of Talos Dreams by the Greek Chamber Music Project, you can experience it here, along with the post-performance discussion with Mario Telò (and a remarkable demonstration of the resources of the "ghostplate" by the composer).

musicians in field

Congratulations to Sasha-Mae Eccleston (Berkeley Classics PhD 2014; John Rowe Workman Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, Brown University), who has just been awarded the NEH/Mellon Foundation Rome Prize to support her book project "Epic Events."

Congratulations to Professor Kim Shelton, who has just been honored with Berkeley's Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times Award, in recognition of her unwavering commitment to students and to maintaining excellence in teaching in these difficult times.

Kim Shelton


AHMA presents Dan-El Padilla Peralta discussing his new book, Divine Institutions: Religion and Community in the Middle Republic (2020), with Emily Mackil, Duncan MacRae, and Carlos Noreña.
Featuring presentations by the students in Mario Telò's Greek 116 class on Aristophanes' Women at the Thesmophoria.

A zoom ceremony honoring our graduating students.

Ancient Greek and Latin Thriving at UC Berkeley

This summer some of us were thinking about ways of responding to the isolation the coronavirus has imposed on our community.  One idea was to launch some informal, “just-for-fun” Greek and Latin reading groups for our undergraduates (current and former).  When we canvassed students to gauge their interest, we were delighted by the number and enthusiasm of the responses.  At present there are four groups active. These are open not just to Classics students but to all Berkeley students with some knowledge of Greek or Latin; for more information contact the Chair:

We are also delighted to report that this past summer’s Intensive Greek and Latin Workshops, offered remotely for the first time in their very long history, were a resounding success (sample student comments here).  Based on this overwhelmingly positive experience, we are committing to offering the Workshops remotely again in Summer 2021—and looking forward to building on everything we learned the first time around to make the experience even more rewarding.  More information is available here.

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