Permanent Faculty

Susanna Elm

Professor of Classics and of History, Sidney H. Ehrman Professor of European History

History of the later Roman Empire, East and West

Giovanni R. F. (John) Ferrari

Melpomene Distinguished Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, Professor of Classics
W 1-2:30, and by appointment, via Zoom

Ancient Philosophy (especially Plato), Aesthetics

Christopher Hallett

Professor of Classics and Art History
Doe 418
On leave 2020-21

Roman sculpture, Aphrodisias excavations, Roman Egypt

Todd Hickey

Professor of Classics, Director of the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri
Thursdays, 2:00-4:00 pm, by Zoom; other hours by appointment.

Papyrology, Late Antiquity, cultural heritage ethics

Leslie Kurke

Gladys Rehard Wood Chair, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature

Greek literature and cultural history

Duncan MacRae

Associate Professor of Classics
Mon 4-5.30pm; Thurs 9-11am

Roman history, esp. cultural and social history; ancient religions

Sara Magrin

Associate Professor of Classics
on leave fall 2020

Ancient Philosophy, esp. Hellenistic and Post-Hellenistic

Maria Mavroudi

Professor of Classics and History

Byzantine studies

Kathleen McCarthy

Professor of Classics
Wed 10-12 and by appointment (via Zoom)

Roman poetry, especially comedy, lyric, and elegy

Trevor Murphy

Associate Professor of Classics (Tues. 9-10 & Fri. 10:15-11:15) or by appointment, via Zoom.

Ellen Oliensis

Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, Chair of Classics
off hrs: W 2.30-4, or email for appointment

Roman literature, esp. Augustan poetry

Nikolaos Papazarkadas

Nicholas C. Petris Professor of Greek Studies, Professor of Classics, Director of the Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy
Tuesday 10-12 - email me in advance and I will send you a Zoom link

J. Theodore Pena

Professor of Classics
on leave fall 2020

Ancient Italian material culture

James Porter

Irving Stone Chair in Literature, Professor of Rhetoric and Classics

Literature and philosophy, critical theory, classicism and postclassicism

Dylan Sailor

Professor of Classics
T 2-3, W 3-4, and by appointment (Zoom)

Latin literature, ancient historiography

Kim Shelton

Associate Professor of Classics
Tuesday 9:30-11:30am or by appointment

Classical Archaeology, with a focus on the Bronze Age Aegean

Mario Telò

Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature; participating member in the Critical Theory DE
Wednesday 2-5

Greek literature, ancient drama and its reception, critical theory

Professors of the Graduate School

Mark Griffith

Klio Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages and Literature, Professor of Classics and of TDPS (Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies)

Anthony Long

Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Classics and Irving G. Stone Professor Emeritus of Literature
7218 Dwinelle

Greek and Roman Philosophy, Greek Literature

Donald J. Mastronarde

Melpomene Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages and Literature

For some biographical details and links to my CV and various projects, please visit my home page.

Andrew Stewart

Chancellor's Professor and Professor of the Graduate School; Nicholas C. Petris Professor of Greek Studies Emeritus
412 Doe Library

Greek and Roman art and archaeology; Greek sculpture; Athenian Agora; Renaissance and later reception of ancient art and architecture

Affiliated Faculty

Daniela Cammack

Political Science

Ancient Greek democracy; ancient Greek, Roman, and modern political ideas and practices

Timothy Clarke


Ancient Greek philosophy, especially Aristotle

Andrew Garrett


Karuk and Yurok (languages of northern CA); early Indo-European languages, esp. Greek, Latin, and languages belonging to the Anatolian branch

Kinch Hoekstra

Political Science and Law

History of political, moral, and legal thought, especially ancient, renaissance, and early modern political philosophy

Emily Mackil

History, AHMA

Ancient Greek social, political, and economic history

Ramona Naddaff


Ancient Greek philosophy, rhetoric, and poetics

Carlos Norena

History, AHMA

Ancient Roman world, esp. political and cultural history c. 200 BCE–400 CE; historical geography of the Roman empire; comparative ancient empires.

Visiting Faculty and Lecturers
F 9:00-10:00 AM; by appointment (via Zoom)

Monsters in Greco-Roman literature

Participating Emeriti