Cicero denouncing Catiline
Latin 100 :  Republican Prose
Course Catalog No: 22116
Duncan MacRae
3:00 - 4:00

This course introduces students to a pair of the most famous Latin prose authors, Caesar and Cicero, as an entry-point into reading Latin literature. Both authors write in elegant and appealing Latin and are major actors in the dramatic (and sometimes disheartening/horrifying)stories of Roman imperial expansion and the collapse of the Roman Republic.

The class is a chance to strengthen skills acquired in introductory language classes and to gain new experiences in reading longer sections
from the works of major Latin authors. Our main preoccupation will be the language of the texts. Through reading of texts and English-to-Latin sentences, we will systematically review Latin forms and sentence structure (morphology and syntax) and work on building vocabulary. We will also look at the Latin style and rhetoric deployed by each author.

Fulfills L&S Breadth in Arts & Literature or Historical Studies.