Trojan Horse
Latin 101 :  Vergil
Course Catalog No: 22124
Trevor Murphy
9:00 - 10:00

An introduction to Virgil's Aeneid

Course aims:

  • To learn to read Latin poetry with understanding and enjoyment.  
  • By concentrating on morphology, syntax, and vocabulary, to improve the reading knowledge of Latin acquired in previous classes.
  • To cultivate an ability to translate the Latin of Virgil's Aeneid at sight as well as after preparation.
  • To learn to scan dactylic hexameter verse, the meter of the Aeneid as well as of much other Latin poetry, and appreciating how meter affects our response to what we read.
  • To discuss how to interpret Virgil's Aeneid and some problems of interpretation that have long exercised readers.


In Latin,1000-1100 lines from among Aeneid Books 1, 4 or 6, 7, and 8.


The bulk of the course grade will be based on translation of passages from the Aeneid in three midterm exams.  In addition to prepared passages, each exam will include a short unseen passage for translation.
20% will be based on quizzes and assignments addressing translation of the Aeneid and review of grammar.
10% will be based on 3 exercises and a quiz on scansion of dactylic hexameter. 

No final exam.